Kidding Schedule Fall ’22 and Spring ’23

Current starting price for doelings is $450. Registered bucklings are $350

Price for wethers is 150 each or 200 for a pair.

Prices will go up from there depending on dam’s milk production, LA scores and overall performance and personality. I assess my herd at least once a year, since I have limited space. I will sometimes have a milking doe, or young stock available for various reasons. They may not be listed here, so feel free to inquire!

DoeBuckDue DateKidsExtras
Sleepytime Goats MochaOld Beach ZZ ZYD YorktownJuly 2022Kidded July 7, 2022
1 Buck wether 150 SOLD
1 doe Retained
Sleepytime Goats ButterscotchSwiftwind RumplestilskinDecember 1, 2022Does $600
Bucks $450
Kidded 12/3/22
2 Does Retained
Plum Bush B Eliza JaneOld Beach ZZ ZYD YorktownDecember 1, 2022Does $500
Bucks $350
Kidded 12/1/22
1 Doe Available
2 Bucks Available
Baumgartner Acres WillowSwiftwind RumplestiltskinJanuary 18, 2023Does 450SOLD
1024 Farms Full Moon “Honey”Dill’s DRT RaunchyMarch 31, 2023Does 450
Plum Bush R GingerOld Beach ZZ ZYD YorktownApril 3, 2023Does $500
Bucks $350
Baumgartner Acres MaebreeSwiftwind RumplestiltskinApril 3, 2023Does $500
Bucks $350
Plum Bush Z MidgetSwiftwind RumplestiltskinApril 1, 2023Does $450
Bucks will be wethered
Plum Bush Z MinnieSwiftwind RumplestiltskinApril 3, 2023Does $450
Bucks will be wethered
1024 Farms BellamySwiftwind RumplestiltskinApril 21,2023Does $450
Bucks will be wethered
Plum Bush GinnetteSwiftwind RumplestiltskinApril 28, 2023Does $450
Bucks TBD
Plum Bush Z JunebugSwiftwind RumplestiltskinJuly 11, 2023Does $450
Bucks wethered
Plum Bush Z KonaSwiftwind RumplestiltskinJune 23,2023Does $450
Bucks wethered
GabbyOld Beach ZZ ZYD YorktownApril 6, 2023Does $250 1st gen.
mini nubian/alpine
PrincessOld Beach ZZ ZYD YorktownApril 3, 2023Does $2501st gen
mini nubian/alpine