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Our small herd here at Plum Bush Farm is made up of ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats.

 Our herd is on official milk test, and we also enjoyed having our herd appraised for the first time in August of 2022. We hope to continue to use these performance programs that ADGA offers, to help us better our herd going forward.

Our goal is to breed dairy goats that will excel in the milk pail, as well as in general conformation and longevity.

 If you are looking for a small dairy animal that will give your family delicious milk while also being manageable and low input, Nigerian Dwarf dairy does might be just what you need.

  We often have extra raw goats milk available from our does.

Please message us if you are interested in purchasing from us! Raw milk sales are legal in Nebraska, but it must be picked up at the farm.

Sleepytime Goats Butterscotch VVEV87

Butterscotch is our herd queen and foundation doe. While she is not perfect, she has so many things going for her. We are delighted with her strong milk production. We will have her next lactation on milk test and I predict she will officially prove to be a 1000+ pound milker..

Why Nigerian Dwarf?

We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats because of their wonderful reputation  for giving delicious, sweet, creamy milk. I also liked the idea of a small breed of goat that would be easier to handle and not too intimidating for our young children.

Goat Care and Keeping

We have learned a lot in the last few years about our animals! Nigerian Dwarf goats, are in general, hardy little animals. Our does have excellent maternal instincts, and almost never need assistance or intervention in the birthing process. (Although we do make it priority to be available when our does are birthing!)

  One very important component of our goats’ diet is a goat specific loose mineral, that is available to them at all times. Goats need copper, cobalt, selenium and many other essential minerals in order to stay healthy and keep their milk tasting sweet and fresh with no “off” flavors. Don’t make the mistake of using a sheep/goat mineral, since sheep cannot have copper at the levels a goat needs.

ADGA Performance Programs

Early in 2022 I signed up for our first linear appraisal, which is a program offered by ADGA to help “score” animals based on various physical traits on a linear scale. We hope this will be educational in helping us make wise breeding decisions according to the strengths and weaknesses of our various animals. 
In August of 2022, we started our herd on DHIR, and are enjoying the accumulating data on our does’ milk components and production. All of the information we glean from linear appraisal, and milk test, help us to select the very best animals for improving our breeding program going in to the future.

“Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks,
and look well to thy herds.
For riches are not forever…
And thou shalt have goats milk enough for thy food, and for thy household…”
Proverbs 27