Hi, we are Gabriel and Jenny Burkey. Our little farmstead is located near Beaver Crossing, NE, right next to the old Oregon Trail. We have six children, and enjoy learning with them about God’s creation through the animals, garden, and orchard that we maintain on our few acres.

The main purpose of this website is to share information about our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. In addition to the goats, we have chickens, the occasional pig or two, barnyard cats and Daisy, our faithful Blue Heeler.

In 2019 we purchased two ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf does and a young buckling at the whim of Jenny, who thought milk goats would be much better option than a family milk cow for our small acreage. Thus, we got started on our dairy goat journey, and we were hooked! We have since moved the first two does we bought, along to other homes, as they didn’t have the milk production we were looking for, but we will always have fond memories of sweet little Annabel and her grumpy friend DeeDee.

We added Butterscotch and her little troublemaker sister Mocha to the herd later that summer and Butterscotch has proven to become the star of the show around here, with consistent milk production. She is a keeper for sure.

Our most recent additions in 2021, were a young buckling , Yorktown, and three lovely doelings from Baumgartner Acres. With a couple other herd additions in 2020, including a replacement buck, Rumplestiltskin, we feel like we have we have a solid foundation to work with, building our herd towards proper conformation and consistent milk production.

The main goatherd (Jenny) has dreams of participating in Linear Appraisal in summer of 2022 and hopes to get on official milk test by the year of 2023.

We also have many other things going on around here, including an orchard and grape vines, gardening and most importantly, raising our children.

Feel free to look around our website!