Goat Milk

Fresh Goat Milk for Sale

We sell raw goat milk straight from the farm!

Our herd is comprised of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which give high quality, rich milk. Our family enjoys raw goat milk and all the fun things we can do with the extra, such as make cheese, butter and cajeta. Since purchasing a cream separator, I especially enjoy using the cream in my coffee!

  Goat milk is available for pick up at our farm, by appointment only. At this time we do not have a subscription plan, or any long term commitments required to be a milk customer at our farm.

  Early in 2023 we were very pleased to be able to start using a milk machine to do the majority of our milking!

Although we keep everything as clean as possible and filter our milk carefully, drinking raw milk is not recommended by many healthcare professionals. Drink and enjoy at your own risk!

Contact Us:

Message Jenny on our Plum Bush Farm facebook page, or text her at 402-641-6731

$12 per gallon or $6 per half gallon