Plum Bush Ginger

Plum Bush R Ginger +V+G 80 (FF)

Sire: Swiftwind Rumplestiltskin VVV86
SS: Flat Rock’s Damascus Steel
SD: Farm Swiftwind Winslet
Dam: Sleepytime Goats Butterscotch VVEV 87
DS: DRRL Farm Bull Winkle
DD: Whispering Tales Littlestangel

2022 LA +V+G 80 (FF)

Plum Bush R Ginger is our first retained daughter out of Sleepytime Goats Butterscotch VVEV87. Ginger is a lovely young doe, she has her dam’s mellow personality and will to milk. Some of the things I appreciate about her are her strong medial as well as great width for a yearling FF, scoring a 30 in rump width at 4 month into her first lactation. I am excited about the future for this doe, and really like what I am seeing in the pairing that produced Ginger.

 Sired by Swiftwind Rumplestiltskin VVV86, we are looking forward to retaining more full siblings of this doe.