Sleepytime Goats Butterscotch

Sire: DRRL Farm Bull Winkle
SS: Serfling Farms SK Dexter VEE89
SD: Whispering Tales Littlestangel VEVE90
Dam: Whispering Tales Artemis
DS: Whispering Tales Jupiter
DD: Whispering Tales Graysen

LA 2022 VVEV87

Butterscotch is the herd queen and has proven to be a steady milk producer. She has many strengths in her mammary including large teats, strong medial and good attachments. If I were to nitpick, I could say that I think she should have better rear udder height and larger orifices.

 Butterscotch surprised  us by continuing to milk a strong 2 plus pounds of milk after being switched to once a day milking at 8 months in to her 3rd lactation.

 In August of 2022, Butterscotch was scored in linear appraisal for the first time at 4 years old. At 9 months in to her 3rd lactation she earned a score of VVEV 87. We are very pleased with how well she did, especially considering how far in to her lactation she was! Butterscotch has a very good front end assembly and we hope to use her genetics to improve that area in the rest of our herd as well.

Butterscotch is my favorite of all the does, and I know that her legacy in our herd at Plum Bush Farm will continue for many generations.

We have retained her daughter PLUM BUSH R GINGER, and have repeated the same breeding in order retain more daughters. I appreciate many things about this line and will continue to prove it out.