Plum Bush R Ginnette

Sire: Old Beach ZZ ZYD Yorktown SS:Amethyst Acres Zeke’s Zen
SD: Amethyst Acres Zenovia
Dam: Plum Bush R Ginger
DS: Swiftwind Rumplestiltskin
DD: Sleepytime Goats Butterscotch VVEV 87

This young doe is the result of our work with our “Butterscotch” line. Sired by “Old Beach ZZ ZYD Yorktown”, she is showing great promise as a strong milker with graceful conformation. We will update her photo as soon as we can get her clipped up and shown to her best advantage!

Kidding History

May 1, 2023 Sire: Swiftwind Rumplestiltskin 1 buck 1 doe

Pictured above is Plum Bush Z Ginnette’s first freshening udder. I could not be more thrilled about the consistency I am seeing with this line in my herd.

LA Scores:

Milk Test Data: