Plum Bush Bunny


Sire: Swiftwind Sebastain

SS: Wood Bridge Farm Tiberius

SD: Farm Swiftwind ASH Ember

Dam: Sleepytime Goats Mocha

DS: DRRL Farm Bull Winkle

DD: Playrite Ivy Rose Blossem

Bunny was born here on our farm, the daughter of  Sleepytime Goats Mocha. Sired by Swiftwind Sebastain, she is the only one of his daughters we retained before his untimely passing.

 Bunny freshened with twins as a yearling first freshener, and with quadruplets as a second freshener in 2022.



Bunny Barn Records

March 21, 2022261.49N/A2 kids on her in daytime
March 29, 2022342.13N/A
April 25, 202261Kicked the bucket 🙁