Baumgartner Acres Willow

Baumgartner Acres Willow

Sire: Flat Rock’s Commodore

SS: Flat Rock’s Rohan

SD: Flat Rock’s Sea Foam

Dam: The Catalina Girl

DS: The Bernhardt’s Barn Axel

DD: Prairie Wood Snowcap

2022 LA +V+G79 (FF Score)

Willow freshened for the first time on April 21 of 2022.

She had a set of buck and doe twins.

Willow’s strengths include length of body and nice udder attachments.

I would prefer her teats to be larger and more plumb, but I believe that will improve as she continues through her lactation.

Willow kidded for the second time in January 2023, and gave us two beautiful doelings.

Willow’s ADGA Pedigree