Baumgartner Acres Willow


Sire: Flat Rock’s Commodore

SS: Flat Rock’s Rohan

SD: Flat Rock’s Sea Foam

Dam: The Catalina Girl

DS: The Bernhardt’s Barn Axel

DD: Prairie Wood Snowcap


2022 LA +V+G79 (FF Score)

Willow freshened for the first time on April 21 of 2022.

She had a set of buck and doe twins.

Willow has the will to milk and has been giving close to 1.5 pounds in the morning milking after being separated from her twins for 12 hours.

Willow’s strengths include strong feet and legs, length of body and nice udder attachments.

I would prefer her teats to be larger and more plumb, but I believe that will improve as she continues through her lactation.