Summer 2022


We’ve had a very busy spring and summer. An unexpected turn of events resulted in the addition of four acres of blank field, which we are working hard to turn into pasture.

Our three legged doe, Mocha, kidded with twins in early July. I am so glad that she gave us a doeling. Mocha will be retired from breeding because of her lame leg.

Our new acreage had been planted into wheat, so we harvested a trailer load of straw bales. That was a fun, farming experience for our children! And us too. 😊

Two recently purchased doelings make an interesting addition to our herd, I thought I’d like the experience of having a couple full sized dairy goats. They have been named Princess and Gabby.

The rest of our summer includes harvesting garden produce, finalizing breeding plans for the herd, and a linear appraisal session scheduled for mid August. Yay!

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