Since our last post, life has been busy. Or extra normal, if you prefer.

We were able to visit family in Wisconsin for a long weekend. We stayed with Jenny’s sister and her family. You can find them here:

Life’s been a bit of a whirlwind since returning home, and farm life has been mostly in maintenance mode.

Butterscotch’s little buckling is doing great.

He’s cute and knows it.

We disbudded him a few nights ago. (that’s an innocuous word for a pretty intense experience. Maybe we can explain why we disbud in another post)

Shaving, prior to disbudding. Our most faithful farm girl at work!

Mostly, we’re looking forward to Spring/Summer, and ticking off the things we expect.

We expect to get walked on when we lay in the pasture.
Jenny has started some little plants in a mini greenhouse, which we expect to plant out in a month or so.
We expect odd looks from hens when we put our camera in their face.
We expect laundry will need to be done always and indefinitely.
Sometimes being cute is the best help.
We expect our dishwasher to do the majority of our dishwashing duties.

Our weather has been Spring-like. Living in Nebraska, we’re a bit wary of warm sunny days in early March. It’s like, “Yeah, you’re more than welcome, but you don’t have nasty winter surprise hiding behind you, right?” But we expect Spring to be here for real soon.

I’m looking over my fruit trees and grapevines, and thinking about the pruning jobs I expect to do.

There’s a pruning job waiting to happen.
And another.

Strange as it sounds, I miss my pig. Not on a personal level, you understand, but on a chore-and-slop-recipient level. With the nicer weather, maybe it’s time to get a new resident in the pig yard. I expect we will.

We’re anticipating.

And we’re expecting! Literally. Come October we expect to welcome our sixth child. With two boys and three girls the general consensus is that it should be a boy to keep things balanced. We expect to be happy either way.

I expect we might need a different vehicle, too.