It’s not a great picture, I know. But maybe it’s a decent representation of the blurry moments that always seem to accompany new life.

We’ve waited (im)patiently for several weeks now, as Butterscotch has grown larger and more uncomfortable.

Both Butterscotch and Mocha have been spending the nights in their respective stalls for the last month, just in case. After a quick check in the mornings, out the door they go to enjoy their day. On Tuesday it grew obvious that labor was imminent, as Butterscotch became increasingly vocal, and separated herself from the herd.

Jenny got her stalled up, and by evening we had a new resident in the barn!

He’s a keeper! (See the cute little wattles?)
Up and exploring his strange new world.
We’ll get more better pictures of this cutie eventually.

Nigerian Dwarf goats generally have multiple kids. Triplets aren’t uncommon, we are told. Since Butterscotch is a first-time mom we aren’t disappointed to get just one nice healthy buckling.

Since this little guy is the first, and so far the only buckling we’ve gotten from Sebastian we are reserving judgement for now on whether we will choose to keep him or not.

Since Butterscotch has never freshened, we are VERY interested to see how her milk production will compare to Annabel, whose milk production has been mildly disappointing to this point. Judging from initial indicators (“Bucky” gets first dibs on her for the first few weeks), she may well be our best producer by a country mile.

Stay tuned, and you can find out along with us.

Meanwhile, if you have a name suggestion, we’d be happy to hear it in the comments!