Raising animals can by turns be a challenging, frustrating, rewarding, exciting, ugly, wonderful, and ultimately satisfying pursuit. This afternoon was one of the times when everything conspired together to make raising animals an entirely satisfying and rewarding experience. Light snow falling, temps in the mid twenties, and no wind (if you’re not a local, you may not appreciate that like a native Nebraskan will). I’ll refrain from waxing more eloquent than this, but will leave a few pictures from our chore time this afternoon.

The Goat lady with Butterscotch and Mocha
Fluffed up with winter coats and snowflake hi-lights
Butterscotch looks a little silly, because she chose to bleat just as I snapped the picture.
If you expect to get a treat around here you’ve got to get busy quickly!

An entirely satisfactory winter afternoon.